Rick Simpson: The Truth About Cannabis And How It Can Save This Planet – The Carol Rosin Show 7-7-17

Her guest on The Carol Rosin Show, July 7, 2017, is Rick Simpson, a true hero in our time, world-famous inventor of what has come to be known as “Rick Simpson Oil” (RSO). This is a marvelous…


  1. Cannabis is a plant subject to no government control, particularly because there is no consuming limit over which Cannabis is poisonous. Yet, I think the government is also wrong in regards to the shape of the Earth and the configuration of the universe. The Earth is flat.

  2. I Say OverGrow The Government. Spread Seeds Were Ever You Can. Throw Them Everywere. There Will Be So Many Plants. The Cops Will Never Be Able To Cut It All Down.

  3. Thanks to most of his shows and lesson,I have been able to prepare the Rick Simpson Oils myself and have been trying to reach out to all cancer patients who trust in God and Believe the oil can heal their situations.Kindly Contact by calling (571) 406- 2978 or Visit our online website https://www.grey-areaweed.com .We sale at affordable prices to heal and change situation.Get in touch if you believe in miracles and in the power of the Rick Simpson Oil.

  4. Wonderful idea making cannabis a farm crop again.  We could all grow our own then.  If it could only happen.  $$  coupled with greed stands in the way here.  Kudos to Mr. Simpson for all his efforts.

  5. Roger Stone is a huge cannabis supporter. He has already spoken with President Trump about changing cannabis as a schedule 1 drug, legalizing it, and demand more scientific/medical research. Trump is strongly considering these things.. Maybe with Jeff Sessions out of the way this will actually happen.

  6. Good show. Always learn a lot from Rick. I feel fortunate to live in Oregon where the cannabis laws are quite progressive. Hopefully in a few years it be legal nationwide. Screw Jeff Sessions.

  7. Nevada recently made cannabis legal for recreation, but the fact that they make it illegal to grow yourself when it's needed for medical reasons and the high prices people are forced to pay is truly CRIMINAL. The state legislatures should be put in jail for extortion!

  8. Rick is a hero – who has been prosecuted relentlessly by the authorities because he has broken into their disease based 'healthcare'…it is disgusting..brave man

  9. Awesome show Carol with Rick, I learn so much from your show, I approve 110% with Rick and I will start to investigate starting by going to Rick website, I am a Canadian myself living in America for more than 25 years and I know so well about the Canadian justice as well the American justice same as Sodom and Gomore in the biblical time, Thank you.

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