Rick Simpson: Different ways to use hemp oil.

Sal DiBella interviews people who are curing cancer. Rick Simpson is a Canadian who CURED his own skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma) using 100% natural, …


  1. Sal DiBella

    Sir if you have the email of Mr. Rick Simpson plz give it to me… I visited his website sent him an email but no reply… maybe it was a wrong email… I'm a breast cancer patient refusing all types of cancer healing protocol and insist to defeat cancer naturally so plz help me to reach Mr. Simson… thanx for the great great videos.. God Bless all good ppl like you

  2. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor that causes seizures, nausea, fatigue, and insomnia, etc. I take "Basic Reset CBD oil", it causes me nervousness real bad, I have had 3 seizures since I started it, can't sleep! Please help!!! I believe it is the THC??? I really need a Natural Path Dr. someone in KY that knows CBD and Brain tumors?

  3. Hi..I can tell you from my experience with my father….canabbies oil definitely helps with pain ..sleep ..appetite.. if anyone wants any kind of help with the oil can whatsapp me at +917059994134.. I am preparing and using it ..would be more than happy to help..

  4. If ever there was a legitimate candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize (or philanthropic equivalent), that person is surely Rick Simpson.

  5. GOD BLESS you and thank you for being so real and compassionate and committed. Thank you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿฅฐ

  6. this simple and honest well meaning man is god send ,timeless wisdom he speaks, i know of him since 2011 and im thankful i did , this man will be forever remembered as righteous and selfless a contemporary saint to me .

  7. To anyone that canโ€™t source or make their own cannabis oil – evolution extracts can be found on google and they supply both dispensaries and the general public. Their full spectrum CBD/thc capsules are amazing if you canโ€™t make your own RSO

  8. Rick Simpson is one of a kind. He is telling the truth, and that's exactly what the current "health" industry hate to hear, as it's a big danger to their profits.


  10. Good man Rick big pharma and the world's governments are liars and thieves and they don't care for our wellbeing all they care is to sell there product
    People before profit
    Fuck big pharma

  11. Rick, you should have never told your doctor about your healing. I would tell people but in secret until it's safe to publicize it.

  12. Thank you Rick, to sacrificing yourself to safe the lives of all people who have suffering from corrupted pharmaceutical companies that poisoning people through medicines

  13. Helping a friend with lung cancer. We are treating her with RSO and would love to compare notes with anyone else who may be taking or making the medicine…suggestions?

  14. Its time to wake up America. Start a crusade to get our country to be the first to use this type of cure for all these issues. The doctors should be ashamed of not following their oath to help and cure us. When you stand before God almighty and he ask you what you've done with the gift of knowledge he gave you, just tell him that you sold your soul to the devil. Evil has taken most of the medical profession , government and the true evil empire of big pharma into his fold. I've seen how these so called doctors just too eager to write a script instead of safer and better cures for countless of issues. Wake up people start spreading the word to everyone you know and lets start getting OUR country back to being truly great again.

  15. Rick Simpson is the God Father of the medical MJ oil industry that is sweeping the nation. You can purchase it in California anywhere from $25 for 1-grm up to $46 depending on which dispensary you frequent. Currently I am purchasing mine from a dispensary on an Indian Reservation, who is leasing land to licensed growers. Yes, it is cheaper than the dispensaries in the city for obvious reasons. We hope soon that they'll put in a lab, thus allowing it to operate as a vertical business model. I've been using the oil since last October 2018.

    BUT, to be honest it is still far more expensive because of California's regulations of the Cannabis Industry than is the medicine the doctors prescribe. We are hoping that the developing Economies of scale, will cause the price to drop significantly. If it doesn't many people will start growing their own or going to the Black Market. Personally, I am growing my own this summer and making my own FECO / RSO using Ethanol, (food grade ethyl alcohol.) which gives you the greatest return of its Turpines verses any of the other extraction methods. By state law in California, we can grow six plants for our own consumption. Go on the web so you can watch and read all the material on how to determine when a plant is turning into a male or female. YOU WANT ALL SIX PLANTS TO BE FEMALE. So, you must plant at least 1/2 again as many seeds to ensure that you DO GET your six females.

  16. Four days is quick, while RSO has cured many skin problems, it usually takes a month or so, not four days

  17. God Bless both of you. My mom was just diagnosed with lung cancer, and I'm in Michigan. Michigan voters have approved recreational marijuana. I'm getting busy thanks to Mr. Simpson. Much love๐Ÿ’•

  18. Just watched a man in stage 4 pancreatic cancer make the statement that he took so much of this oil and he still dying from pancreatitis cancer it's spreading all over his body. He is asking for Rick Simpson to put in a clause that it doesn't cure all cancers especially pancreatitis cancer.

  19. Did he use Marijuana Oil or actual Hemp Oil? When he says Hemp Oil he states the TCH but Hemp Oil has low THC and Marijuana Oil has the THC.

  20. I am wondering what you think of Shorak oil? It is so expensive and I know it is the same thing Rick makes.

  21. My wife had stage 4 lung cancer. After 5 double chemo treatments witch she insisted.
    Medical system or husband growing weed in basement? She picked system. But then I fed her a gram a day for two yrs. Her cancer is now undetectable .If she picked me/Rick it would of only taken 6-12 months. Thank you Rick Simpson . P.S. she was on a gram a day when on chemo which was 6 months she never felt sick and her blood cell count staid normal .The medical system just says Hmmm.

  22. In Kelowna we have tons of grow ups all over. Now they say they can research it. They can research it all they want…I know it works. Besides I won't belive what they say.

  23. When you have 1 if those bloody oncologist tell you that you will be back to me in 2 years so full of cancer we won't be able to help you. It's all we got they say. I fought it for 3 months but had a tumor in lymnode. TROUBLE! OIL HAS WORKED FOR ME!

  24. I'm 2 years out from very aggressive breast cancer. Did the chemo…body would only do 3….did ration and
    the 12 herceptin. First thing I did was eating oil each night. Started with a rice grain now up to big blob 2.5 years later. I've shocked them they thought I would be full of cancer right now. Doing well no cancer but dealing with the demise of musle loss and neurophothy. Still make it myself grow my own make my oil! 'I'm in good old lost Canada

  25. It's not hemp oil it's cannabis oil. Hemp will not cure anything it's a textile. The cbd doesn't do anything. Hemp has no thc. Thc is what cures certain illnesses. You can get thc from the cannabis plant only. Not hemp.

  26. a license is how they control us. You cannot get a license to break the law. So you can only get a license to do something already lawful & legal. Lets mail back all licenses to the criminals especially the drivers license. A national, mail back your license day.

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