1. Nice work brother..
    Everything looking great and I love the set-up..
    New subscriber…
    Much love and appreciation from Da Homie Gnomie …
    Come check me out..

  2. Hey lay low hey brother love ur channel u rock brother, was wondering my friend lost all my genitive,some prick broke in and stole it all,would love to buy some,kens ninja, Skywalker og cross that blue dragon,please it looks like fire,growers love.simon garzoli Melbourne Australia

  3. Fyi ken is the old guy that stole the cut of gdp from the native Americans inbred it gave it the GDP name. His name is ken estees aka ken Estrada. I use to help maintain his warehouse in Richmond and his mansion grow in socal. Dude is a fake ass crook. Had us set up all this shit had city workers coming through etc. And he didnt pay the rent on anything. Wtf. About a million and a half down the drain. Plus he borrowed money from people and disappeared for a few years.

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