Research on the Effect of Cannabis on Essential Tremor

Dr. Fatta Nahab, neurologist at the University of California San Diego Health (UC San Diego), is leading a study to examine the safety, efficacy and …


  1. Speaking as a 30 year old Male with ET, weed helps with the depression and anxiety associated with having et, however it does not stop the tremors. At least for me

  2. I hope the big pharma will not hinder your research as it has been proven that cannabis cures many terminal stages cancer

  3. I’m all for research and development, however there seems to be a craze with cannabis/marijuana/THC. People claim it helps anxiety. There have been studies with people and their marijuana habit. THC has been found to cause anxiety and paranoia. The higher THC content, the worse the anxiety is. I myself have essential tremor. I’ve taken medication that helped tremendously and helped with my migraines. The side effects though were horrible. I’ve been looking into the trendy cbd oil and copaiba oil. I’ve found the type of cannabinoids in copaiba essential oil to help me. I do not have severe essential tremor but it is enough to affect my daily life. That’s my personal finding. Good luck in your research, I hope your studies lead to great discovery.

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