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  1. A look into the illegal markets above 12 plants who are selling or breaking the rules #ForituresareUnconstatutional

    They need to start shutting these places down if they have no paperwork or regulatory paperwork they should not be operating in the state of California.

    where we do not like to see raides we must allow the police and DEA to shut these down that are not following Regulatory RULES clearly they must go

    and put these people out of business it is because they are a cash only system as well that this is allowed to happen if it was regulated threw banking

    systems they would have to show their license and state agreements to open such an account at a bank for that type of business. I am not for raides

    and cracking down on the industry but these are some bold people to open shops and run a business with out any legal paperwork clearly there landlords

    need to be asked why they have not asked for compliance as well. The issue i see now is that the state regulatory or over regulation of rules and policy are

    to blame for such stores and black market. Clearly you must follow the rules if you plan to be a seller in any state in the union follow regulatory and state rules.

    You are then open to asset forfeiture laws prison time and fines because of your illegal compliance you face felony charges and strict enforcement. So how

    do you make sure there in compliance they must show there paperwork also a state wide seed to sell program would work to make sure your not buying more

    then the regulated amount at any store per day We agreed to such laws when they legalized Cannabis for medical and recreational use you would follow state regulations when it comes to selling the plant and going into business and paying taxes. Be aware that not paying the IRS there money for sales as required by law could face stiff

    penalties and is a federal crime in itself tax fraud is not advised or smart. You must stay within Compliance that was the agreement and part of the agreed upon regulatory

    rules for allowing the states to legalize how ever this does not pertain to Home grows for personal use you are not allowed to sale cannabis with out a state licences #IRS #DEA #Druginforcement #MPA #MPP #Norml

    #Police #Califorina #CannabisBlackmarket #MarijuwanaBlackMarkets #Blackmarket

    Just say No to Asset Forfeitures The Unconstitutional Supreme court's ruling. #law #Califorina #Statelaws #Fedriallaws #Ussenate #Ushouseofrepresnitives #DOJ #StateAutorneysoffice #LawEnforment.

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