Reality Check: Legalizing Marijuana In Minnesota

Minnesota lawmakers got their first look this week at the emotional debate over legalizing marijuana, reports Pat Kessler (2:27). WCCO 4 News At 6 – January …


  1. Im smoking no matter what! And guess what people…….I DRIVE HIGH ALL THE TIME.
    Its the alcohol you need be worried about!
    This country is so fucking stupid.

  2. Trump will probably go ahead and legalize cannabis before these idiots get their head out of their ass to discuss it.

  3. The biggest problem with cannabis is there will be a shortage of potato chips and lord of the rings trilogy set…this is simply unacceptable…the third biggest problem, and the reason we must oppose cannabis, is the violent crime will plummet leaving our courts and prosecutors with less to do…absolutely unacceptable!

  4. To anyone who claims to be worried about impaired driving: if you were actually concerned about impaired driving you'd be going after alcohol, because alcohol is more of a problem for impaired driving in every state than cannabis.

  5. It's pretty simple, it needs to happen. It's going to be here legal or not, we may as well allow legal jobs and bring in more tax revenue, that's just common sense. We all know that the governments job is not to be the moral police, cannabis kills less people than peanuts and alcohol.

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