1. Real Distillate dont move… plain simple no way around that. If your bubble is runny and still got that nice gold color to it doesnt mean its TRASH right off the bat. It just means they filled it with distillate about maybe less than a quarter of the cart and the rest is either VG PG or anything they use to cut it…. thats all to it.

    Whether you say these carts got pesticides and arent the correct % of thc you cant even know that without literally seeing down to the cellular level. And pesticides start at the FLOWER stage not in the distillation.
    And as far as THC%(by law they can lie about the % in some legal states by 10-15%) soo even your “lab tested” labeled carts can have a lower thc content. NOT SAYING EVERY TESTED CART WITH A LABEL IS A LIAR.

    So moral of the story, if your cart DOESNT HAVE A LAB TESTED LABEL WITH EXTRACTION DATES AND ALL THAT. Dont go claiming “my shit dank cause it dont move” looking ass.

    Learn what you should be smoking rather researching if a company real or all that BS.

    -REAL distillate does NOT move
    -pesticides start at the FLOWER level.

  2. This is a fake company. Stop spreading false info. Every single one is black market. Everyone is so obsessed with the packaging. They are all fake!

  3. Love You video and I'm actually trying the do whip as we speak I will let you know how it is so far so good lol 🙂 live loud

  4. Thanks for letting me know the reelz on these dank Vapes mine I got one today and I like it and I know it's authentic thanks to you

  5. lmao this dudes WRONG. theyre all fake; it is copyright infringement to put a smurf on that packaging, it isnt child proof, and the box probably says about 94% thc. this is impossible because thc usually crystalizes at a way lower concentration like about 70%. I live in a non legal state so i know my shit.

  6. Mine doesnt have the white ring. It has the transparent but it has ca2190.. and also my packaging had the raised stuff and everything.. my shit fake??

  7. Black market is selling these carts for ode cheap, everyone is reviewing saying it’s fire . No negative review, but it’s like ODE cheap to cop

  8. Dispensary are stupid asf! I can go to any plug of mine get better prices and better bud and not fake carts Not to be taxed up to 30 percent for a lab label lmao I don’t care

  9. So what is in the fake carts? Do you still get high? I’ve only had 1 dab pen and it was a honey bear gold and a couple hits would have you high asf

  10. The plug I got threw selling those 50 a g an I dont wanna pay that much when the site says 25 a g would I be able buy 1 even if I live in illegal state or the fed be on my shit

  11. I get these in Alabama and wish I could straight order them from somewhere.Motherfuckers charge $45 bucks each which is damn near double

  12. I just bought one!!!! It looks different than both but closer to the real one! Ahg, I need help before I smoke it now

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