Q&A: Top 8 Questions asked about Cartridge Vape Pens – Know your Oil Battery Better (2019)

We know that you all have questions about your vaporizer batteries and cartridges. This video will help cover some basic functionality questions that you might …


  1. Try and imagine evaporation of water droplets in a frying pan and the pan being the coil. If you hold the button longer then the oil can keep saturation then you start burning the coil and inhaling nasty tastes. So I like to pulse while drawing slowly but steady. I figure 3 to 4 seconds and the oil directly on the coil is vaporized. I then let go of the button figure how long it will take for the surrounding oil to come in contact 3 to 4 seconds and then repeat. Cheers Happy 420.

  2. I’m new to vaping.. is stratus a good brand? I just payed 33.00 for a pen and charger and it doesn’t seem to work properly… maybe its me lol the light turned green but it doesn’t work

  3. I appreciate the information because I want to try vaping as a way of steadying my breathing and wanted to know what I was getting into

  4. When I make carts I use just concentrate (distillate in my case) and terpenes. I have found the terpenes from Sweeterps have the best quality and flavors out of all the companies I've tried so far. I'm currently vaping on their Tangie profile, one of my favorite flavors of theirs. I got a discount of 10% using the code Terp10 which I think is still valid.

  5. Do stiiizy pods/cartridges have any metal in them? And could they set off metal detectors not the bat just the cart

  6. When I’m done smoking do I take the cart off the battery or can I keep it attached and just turn off the pen

  7. How do you store your cartridges? I have buddies who put them in the fridge or freezer till they use them. Is that really necessary?

  8. When the cartridge doesn't fire it's usually due to the contact on the atomizer. There are a ton of shity carts being made. Sometimes you can pry the bottoms out a bit to get a connection. Sometimes it doesn't work at all. Don't buy those cartridges anymore and transfer the liquid into one that works.

  9. My flavorz cartridge bottom part that twists onto the battery broke. Trying to figure out if I’m able to fix it. Someone help me. 😭

  10. Dude has no idea how to resoond to this. Yall are fucking yourself up. There js no such thing as " thinnes of oil" if it moves they cut it with more pg

  11. I heard if your carts air bubble moves fast it’s fake if that’s not true how do I tell if it’s real or not since I don’t live in a legal state

  12. I have a problem with the cheapo 510 style vape pen that I have and I can't find any info on this particular issue… I can't drive to go buy a new one right now so I'm hoping maybe you'll have an idea of how I could fix this one…

    Anyhoo normally the light on the button is either green or red but it cycles through colors going from green through the rainbow to purple if that helps at all in determining the one I have, I can't remember the brand, ugh… It's just a cheap 3 heat setting vape pen… 🤷

    So the problem is that now the light only lights up white and it's not seeming to take a charge either… I took a qtip and cleaned out the female threads where the cartridge screws into it and where it makes contact to see if that would help and then it actually turned red when I clicked it but that accomplished nothing, still not working and it went back to blinking white when I put the cartridge back into it…

    The cartridge works perfectly in my sister's pen so it's not that…

    It's obviously getting power being that it's lighting up white so I'm at a loss as to what it could be…

    Do you have any idea what the blinking white light of death could be trying to tell me ??

    Fingers crossed 🤞

    *Edit I think the brand was Boom🤔


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