Proving and Disproving Myths About Weed With Experiments – STONED (Full Episode)

Weed is currently the most popular recreational drug in the UK, and nearly half of the country wants it legalised. But ultimately, the argument over weed rests on …


  1. Cannabis is a holy sacrament that can improve many different aspects of people's lives. It seems to me these tests are just testing if you are different than normal which of course but with practice of experiencing the space that you go into on cannabis you can learn to do everything you can do sober.

  2. Ok yes it dows make me more creative they were just nervous and when u high u get nervious so they should have had them alone and write a song

  3. I love the no ads bulshit with Vice.. 44 minute video, with no ads. That's what's up 🤙🤙

  4. More like an experiment than a scientific study that shows what it does to cells, blood, etc.
    Entertaining 4sure tho!

  5. This is why America won the war because these guys are retards. Get some American weed smokers and run the same tests

  6. The drunk subject also didn't even try all the keys the guy was just trying to get her drunk ass inside so she would stop telling stories. Moral of the story….. people from the UK are annoying as fuck drunk and high

  7. HEY RETARD VICELAND weed effects EVERYONE DIFFERENT but then again i aint shocked they made something like this its FUCKING VICE i wont be shocked when they do a doc about BRONIES or worse goddamn furries

  8. I feel the science about cannabis making you gay is extreme pseudoscience false!…blood flow doesn't equal gay..blood flow means cannabis makes your blood flow..garlic does a similar thing…both will make your blood flow whether your in a darkroom with nothing in it or watching lesbian porn or while your at thanksgiving dinner…its just a drug response…consciousness cant be proven by science meaning..the only way you will truly know if someone is gay is if they take a lie detector test..but even that is the real way is to just ask them…this is just proof to is flawed

  9. Also another issue with these experiments is some people are just stupid. There are stupid people who smoke weed who stay stupid, and there are smart people who smoke weed who say smart.

  10. One of the biggest issues I found with these experiments is using either new users who don’t know what to expect from being stoned, or recreational users, who use it occasionally. As a daily smoker, I find it easy, if not more helpful to complete tasks at work. I work in a very fast paced work environment and I have to speak with a lot of people throughout the day, and find ease in doing so. I work in an animal shelter, and do find myself to forget what I was doing regularly, but studies have shown that being in a constantly noisy environment can also affect your short term memory and forgetting is a regular thing between myself and my peers who do not smoke at all. As far as my observations, my friends who have the most iconic issues with being stoned are those who smoke irregularly, not those who are usually stoned all the time.

  11. Real question: Is it possible to get high enough to believe this contains any scientific methodology whatsoever? I'll get some randoms from the pub to come be my test subjects, minus a control of course, no need for that nonsense.

  12. No real science is done here. no control, no real testing. no substantial sampling of participants. Failed to test anything on every front. smh.

  13. This should be labeled and talked about differently, this isnt representative of the Cannabis community and should be labeled for entertainment only.

  14. I turned this off as soon as it said weed doesn’t make u more creative because I’m stoned ass shit right now and I’m reading typing not watching the video anymore… Bye Felicia,,, weed is the creative genius u bums!!

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