Prosecutor questions Cincinnati's marijuana legalization proposal

Small amounts of marijuana (much smaller then the proposed) in a private space is acceptable. A public place with a wheelbarrow of weed is totally …


  1. Why is it going to be fine to openly smoke pot? What about people that are allergic to pot smoke like people are allergic to cigarette smoke. And cigarette smoke doesn't get other people high being around them. Also people who smoke cigarettes don't contribute to auto accidents? Tobacco smokers have no rights but pot heads do???

  2. 100 G 325 joints where does this guy come up with this 100 grams would give you maybe 30 to 40 joints but I like to roll good-sized I don't know

  3. Whats the difference between 100 grams and 200?
    "A public place with a wheelbarrow of weed is totally unacceptable.”
    Why is this unacceptable?? Just because it's unacceptable to you, then it must be unacceptable to everyone??"
    Who fucking died and left you the fucking dictator??
    But tailgate partys at football games with coolers full of beer????/ Totally A- OH FUCKING K!!! ,Right DILLHOLE???
    Bars with tables out on the sidewalk, and people drinking outside… TOTALLY A- Oh FUCKING K!!! Right fucktard??

  4. When the govt regulates and turns over to big corps. Sorry, we don't consent. Can't get a job with a medical card, can't get a job with ANY nicotine (gum or otherwise) in your system. Can't own a firearm if you have a medical card, driving on pot lands the state huge money in fines. Funny how alcohol is all that's left and more dangerous than heroine. I have major concerns about anyone smoking pot younger than 25, and anyone who cannot control use. Get your job done, stay home when you met your responsibilities to work, family, living. Relax now and again with low dose levels to a comedy which we all need today, and be responsible. Of
    You cannot so that, you have zero right to the privilege of smoking cannabis. Begin by stopping huge corps running. It. We voted NO in Ohio to the monopoly.

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