Proposal hopes to legalize marijuana in Arkansas

It will free up the jails to actually put real criminals in the jails rather than people using a plant,” said one advocate for the proposal.

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  1. What's Happening in the Natural State Arkansas Legislators violate the right of voters by putting up blocks where you can no longer get a constitutional amendment on the ballot this type of fraud is nothing new for the good old boy network and we need to get these people out of office and make sure The people's voice are heard the ones that make less then 10K a year who can not afford to live month to month paycheck by paycheck and they allow these criminals to charge people as much as $15 a gram for medical Marijuana that is $350 a oz they make it where only the rich can afford the medicine and then only some with 20 conditions can get access and the rest of us have to get it from the black market We should be able to get access but are held back by these good old boy networks and back office crooks that need to be exposed for there crimes against the people of the state.

    Way to expensive Allow Growing at home where we do not have to be at the mercy of such prices #LegealizHomeGrow $15 a gram and over $300 a oz your Robbing people BOOOO – you are taking advantage of sick people you care nothing about..#Norml#Marijuwana #News #Maedicalcannabis Patients must come before Profit…#highwayrobery #Goodoldboynetwork #ArkansansComeFirst#MedicalMarijuwana Your just going to fuel the black mart with such prices and people are not going to pay such over bloated priced cannabis when you get it less on the black market all though it is much more unsafe on the streets but anything is better then these #crooks$25 a eighth $50 a quarter $125 a oz other wise your just fueling the black market and only the rich can afford medicine because there is no insurance that will pay for it if your on Low Income you have to do without because our governor and elected body in Arkansas State of Representatives and Senate do not care if you are shilled by these crooks! #Legealizeit Everyone should be able to get access and this is not the case in Arkansas there crooked and we need to reelect new people come November 2020 Arkansans must always be first and it must be for all not only the rich in #Arkansas or this program will fail. You are missing out on millions of tax dollars

    that you could use for the state look at #Oklahoma there model works and until you realize that this will fail because no one can afford such prices We are not #California

    " Hey HEy HO Ho The Good Old Boy Network has got to go! "

    Our voice will get louder We will not rest until we ride of Arkansas of these Crooks That Block Legislation of Putting things on a Ballot They Abuse their Power They GOT TO GO! We will not go away you will here our voice!

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