Professor Green: What Would Happen If The UK Legalised Weed?

Cannabis laws are changing across the world, so is there an argument to legalise weed here in the UK? Professor Green investigates. You can watch the full …


  1. Those MA people are a bunch of tools!! Their problem isn't weed, it's the fact they are lazy douchebags

  2. We legalized weed in the States with no problems problems problems problems problems problems problems problems

  3. What’s happened to cannabis in the UK???!! we used to have really good weed here now we’ve got nothing but trash and some of the worst weed I’ve seen on this planet. Wasn’t like this two years ago!!!

  4. But its like alcahole, it only becomes a problem when you do it alot. Me and a mate of mine started smoking many months ago. started socially and turned into getting packets. I never felt addicted to them, i just done it. I then had tonsil issues and stopped. Never felt like I wanted to smoke. Then had weed, its nice. not addicted to it one bit. I only smoke it maybe a couple of times a month as a treat after pay day. It really depends if you get addicted or not. If you are, then ot becomes a problem. Same can go with alcahole.

  5. It will raise far more than £1 billion in taxes. In the state of Colorado alone it raised $1 billion in taxes. The UK has a population 15 times the size of Colorado so it will bring in so much more than £1 billion in tax.

  6. a plant that has been around for thousands of years for our species. now these last hundred years some individuals want to say to me if i can use that plant or not. its insane

  7. Any kind of substance can cause an addiction, for a multitude of reasons. Weed addiction, unlike a very large percentage of them, won't kill you directly. There hasn't been proof to say otherwise for decades. Legalise.

  8. ive just been busted for growing 4 plants at my window here in edinburgh…….im wondering how much im gonna get fined and then will i be able to get a job again with that record……..but eh i still love getting high so much better than getting drunk

  9. Right so all the addicted people had mental problems initially and weed made it worse just like any other thing would, where’s the point 😂

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