‘Prince of Pot’ Marc Emery on looming legalization

Marc Emery is Canada’s self-proclaimed ‘Prince of Pot,’ and cannabis legalization has long been his cause, but with recreational marijuana becoming legal next …


  1. This is a prohibition revolution…you can NOT prohibit anything…Guns..I can build my own..

    Drugs(marijuana) I just grow my own…Other drugs in the 1980s I didn't have to worry about Fentyal in my coke…I just had to worry about bi-$ex cokeheads in the bathroom where I was trying to do a line

  2. Quick question I got busted with the pound of legal marijuana in kregon.maybe a drop box at public safety departments.quick,obviously not unsafe

  3. It's going to take a lot of time ,
    a lot of challenges. Edibles aren't legal yet, lounges to smoke marijuana in aren't legal yet.
    – Marc Emery

  4. People are willing to stand in line for legal marijuana if they know they're not going to be arrested and put in jail .

  5. He was right as of Oct. 17th there should have been no black market, it should be legal all over and not a dumb monopoly. hopefully soon we’ll see the industry get the freedom it deserves.

  6. I am on the legalization side too, but I've bought from dispensaries and my local guy and In all honesty the dispensary weed was really good but it was really dry and it burned fast, I got really high though. But if I can buy it legally and get loud or really good weed whatever term you use I really don't care what the price is, alcohol was the same way it was illegal you could only get home made moonshine or whiskey until name brands came out where everyone started buying thouse, it will be the same thing here yes it will be taxed and they will offer different priced bud as well from loud and top shelf to reggie and weed that you can probably afford if top shelf is too much. But dispensaries also carry medical marijuana with higher thc potencies and that's a fact lol I'm sure all of us got a bag where we smoked and we're like I want my money back lol at least with a store that sells only pot you'll get what you want everytime and a huge selection to pick from. Price wouldn't bother me cause the benefits far outweigh the bad. At least this is my opinion, you only.get what your guy has at the time, I can go in there and get herb, wax, edibles whst ever lol

  7. Well said . Well thought out. I dont know anything about pot or rather canabis.Trying to learn at this late date what this is all about. But i can say the elderly people in this area are all freaked out and have tried to tell gardeners ..FLOWER GARDENERS(!) ..that they can only have 4 FLOWER POTS IN THEIR GARDEN!!!! So ignorant!
    So now these FLOWER LOVERS are told they can have only 4 tulips or 4 roses or 4 tomato plants etc!!!! Totally insane! There MUST BE SOME CLARITY HERE AND SANITY ! How can these terrified and controlling old people with no sense of humor and who have killed their inner child be slowed down from destroying and intimidating lovers of FLOWER GARDENING ?!!!
    OR..is that the ultimate goal..to reduce all joy to guilt and control and enmity ? Well also because for the first time on the net ive looked up "Canabis Education" suddenly goodle has sent me some such " security" something. I dont know much about smartphones etc..but i suppose one is not to try to educate themselves on canabis. Well i shall grow all my Flowers and love the ancient beauty of the earth since The Garden and i will go on learning and thinking as is normal and joyful. No terrified elderly people will decide how many daffodils i grow ! Are any joyful people left?

  8. i dont trust the black market..what else are these guys selling lol…hes just mad he probably wont get a piece of the pie

  9. Govt wants to charge $10/gram, good luck with that. I been getting 1/4 oz for $50 for years. U can buy BC buds for $200 oz online. I use The Dispensary but Cannabismo is also recommended for mail order buds.
    I dont think alot of people realize what this framework means. It was setup by the police. Down the road we will have to truly fix our legal system when it comes to freedom to use this plant.

  10. Marc is the man. If u enjoy Sunday shopping, thank Marc. I bought many seeds from Marc, and have known him since he owned City Lights Bookshop, where he gave away books on Sunday in an effort to get Sunday shopping.


  12. Marc Emery has been doing it before youtube… before SJWs and the like.

    Hes given up his life at times for this fight.

    I love Marc Emery

  13. All hail Marc Emery! Thank you for your support for this movement, you did alot! Met you once in Toronto, your the man.

  14. Yeah, and bathtub gin was great before prohibition. Corporation pot will proliferate based on standardized quality alone.

  15. It just got legalized and people expect cheaper than 3$ a gram. It will get that cheap and the quality will only go up from here so stop acting like it isn't a great day for canada. Those businesses will drop their prices and get better stock over time to make more money for themselves. Chill out and watch things improve for you and stop jumping to conclusions.

  16. The biggest thing about this are the plants. It'll put pressure on the government to produce quality. Once my plants are matured I'm not paying a dime.

  17. Mark Emery, THANK YOU. All he says is the truth. Black Market and Cannabis should NOT even be two words that are used together. 10-4

  18. Congratulations Canada, but it sounds like you have some ignorant lawmakers who need correction and reproof.

    I’ll be petitioning for you all, and may The Most High governor bless Canadians with grace so that they may continually use this magnificent flowering reed the way He intended to be used. Amen

  19. No racially identified people should buy from any of the big companies shareholders should be users. The revenues should go back into the very areas helping the marginalized.

  20. What about the hundred and thousands of (black) an racially marginalized people were thrown in jail for that plant both here in canada and in the states.

    It has to have a white face right( the black market) black market is what made it for the(marijuana revolution) to be possible

  21. I'm Canadian, and an active recreational user of pot.

    From what I have gathered so far, Canada is certainly not prepared for the legalization of cannabis, they should have waited until stores are open to the public before legalization, and there needs to be more policies towards smoking pot. Even though some provinces have policies against smoking in public, I still believe that it should be like that every where too..I just cannot imagine what it would be like to have a kid who for his entire life kept in the dark in regards to seeing the use of pot only to suddenly see someone casually smoking a joint walking down the street. Imagine having to explain that to your kid..It should be treated like booze, only done in the safety of your home or at a bar (or in pot's case a lounge) There should be more steps taken to where it can be smoked just like regulations for smoking cigarettes, and we need more time to come to terms with it.

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