Potrepreneurs: America’s New Marijuana Industry

Watch Our Latest Documentaries: As marijuana gradually becomes legalized for recreational use in the U.S., entrepreneurs are flocking to states like Colorado…


  1. This was painful to watch. The cringe worthy angle this guy takes on the emerging marijuana industry is the OPPOSITE direction the industry needs to grow toward. Most of those team members seemed so full of them self that some would doubt that they've ever smoked cannabis. Nothing groundbreaking is occurring at that office.

  2. What are the names of the subjects of this video? Who's the guy in the suit? How am I supposed to quote what I saw here if I cant site my sources, please help me out here.

  3. Assholes in suits really look stupid, talk stupid and will eventually lose their proverbial shirts.

    This is just what the original weed entrepreneurs (aka drug dealers) are laughing at. This takeover of the act of smoking a fucking joint to catch a buzz is soooo fucked up. At first original users and sellers were worried about the solvency of their businesses and supply, but I say don't worry lassie farers, the mainstream market is going to actually increase your business. Give it time and capitalistic humans usually destroy the essence of everything they touch.

    The black market lives and will only get stronger because these types of "creative greedy shit heads" will prove how moronic they actually are. At some point in the future, people will wake up and realize the art of growing your own high for personal use and using the herb in it's natural form is what this is all about.

  4. Fuck this white privilege video. White yuppies now making money while black and brown sit in prison for the same thing.

  5. What's the guy's channel called? I searched it up but I couldn't find. I want
    to "learn" about weed, not smoke it.

  6. when white people smoke weed they are entrepreneurs but when they are brown or black they are evil drug dealers

  7. Fuck these corporate fucks trying to get a slice of the pie in this industry ..while marijuana activist have gone decades fighting the maijuana oppression now these fucks come in the industry when it's all fun and games

  8. Glad you included some representation of the "old guard". Rather ironic that these entrepreneurs are worried that the very same tactics they used against the "old guard" will be used against them once full legalization happens.

    Maybe if these greedy bastards didn't pave the way for such things, if they had instead made sure to get good laws in place to stop such greedy underhanded tactics they would be able to stress less about their eventual down fall.

    I think it would be great if more media coverage was given to the issues and problems the "old guard' are battling. Here in WA state it is a challenge to find good organic bud. I have to talk with the store's buyer, to find out what farms actually are organic. Less than 1/10th of the weed sold in a shop is organic or even soil grown.

    These entrepreneurs are coming in just wanting to maximize profit and don't give a shit about actual quality products to offer the consumers. WA had a massive organic soil grown cannabis culture before legalization (which is why we produced some of the better strains in the world), but now the organic cannabis is difficult to find.

  9. White men making millions from what people of colour are still in prison for just possessing in Colorado… This video actually made me sick to my stomach.

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