Pot user numbers unchanged after legalization

The number of people using pot hasn’t changed since legalization, according to new numbers from Statistics Canada. To read more: …


  1. I hear that Government Pot in Canada is terrible and expensive as well as a pain in the rear end to get, so what incentive to pot heads in Canada have to change their life-long pot buying habits

  2. Stagnant because canadians are healthier so of course a lower percentage of their citizens need it for medical reasons

  3. My guest and numbers will keep dropping nobody wants government cannabis. We set this market up just a f*** everybody over thanks for taking my medicine away Canada where are my concentrates and oils

  4. Drugs are bad, m'kay?

    But seriously, the recreational market can't keep up with the demand right now, other than the fact their selection is lackluster. Just like cigarettes and alcohol, most of the pot users have probably found the strains they prefer and it is not at those stores.

  5. Curious to see how the numbers play out over a longer period of time, especially as more adults learn to cultivate their own cannabis.

  6. but "hard" drug addicts (such as meth users) are growing up fast. it could mean that some of "soft" drug users moving to "hard" drugs, the same rate of new "soft" drug users are joining the crowd of "soft" drug addicts…

  7. stick with the black market or grow your own, better pot, better prices, legalization is all we wanted not government/liberal friends making a fortune from it

  8. The only thing that has changed is which organized crime ring produces and sells it.
    You know when your organized crime ring is powerful, when your crime becomes legal.
    I used to arrest criminals, now I is one.

  9. The recreational market is absolute garbage. It's way too expensive, and the cannabis is awful, and not worth it.
    It's time to decriminalize ALL drugs. This just shows that the only people that will use drugs are the ones that were going to anyways, and we need to stop wasting taxpayer dollars locking up innocent people who just want their consciousness altered for a few hours. PLUS alcohol is a serious problem in Canada, but nobody seems to want to acknowledge that.

  10. We were already smoking it. And we don't all by dop of the government its to much. I bot 1 time off them. Sense its bin OK to do. Edabols I will by but till then no $ from me

  11. Legalize everything , from prostitution to cannabilism , just allow the investors to invest , so that they make money .

  12. Anyone wanting to smoke it already was smoking it. This number may change over time. It was just legalized….at least wait a year and poll again.

  13. Breaking news!
    After calculating tax revenue, state-run media Outlets have decided to transition into a 'pro' marijuana narrative.
    And now, back to our non-gender-specific weather correspondent for your carbon tax forecast.

  14. And there goes the myth that legalization will lead to a big increase in usage.

    If you like pot you were already using. If you don’t than legalization is irrelevant.

  15. The roll out for the gov legalized cannabis has been sad at best. All that is happening is they are turning people towards "m.o.m" or growing then selves

  16. Edibles will not make a difference if I can only buy 10mg per package. Price is going to be wayyy too high. Might as well make your own or stick to black market!

  17. Since the legalization, crime rate went up dramatically. I cannot see any point one this legalization, just want more taxes money on drugs? House Robbery went up 45%, violence events increase 47%, drug related report went up 276% in Calgary. Canada is becoming Camada.

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