Pot Brownies: How to make the perfect Marijuana Brownie

Weed Brownies: How to make the perfect Pot Brownie If you’ve just had brownies and realized you needed to pass a urine test CLICK HERE: …


  1. Will it increase the potency if I decarb the weed first? I really need an answer pls gonna make some edibles tomorrow :/

  2. Everyone on here saying, “should I decarb the bud first?” This method works great and cooking the Cannabis in the oil in the pan is a method of decarb. But if you have time and the patience just make cannabis oil and you won’t have to question this video.

  3. Dude I got fucked up from this shit, went to the post office, did a address change and fell asleep on the counter

  4. Hey Guys, Need a little help here. I've cooked up 6 grams until it smelt burnt with half cup of oil (120ml) but when I bought my Betty Crocker mix it states to use 40ml of oil. Should I put more oil in as the packet in the video seems to be 519g of cake mix and mine is 415g of cake mix. Surely 100g difference in cake mix can't constitute 3 times as much oil. please help don't want to ruin 6 grams of good weed….

  5. I made mine yesterday using an 8×8 dish. After I ate my first small piece, I took another an hour later, I felt the `highness` effects then it definitely hit more on the third piece. Its good to make another brownie dish but with no weed, that way you can have a couple of regular pieces along with one weed brownie, that way you get to enjoy eating more.

  6. I’m new to this but can I just buy thc oil and add a couple of tablespoons to the recipe and it would work just fine?

  7. My longest high was 14 hours. After a 18 day stretch during private security, my only day off was Amazing.

  8. No good brownie especially weed brownies are done with fuckin backing mixes. Make your own fckin brownie with each ingredient seperatly!

  9. so i did some maths, and if you had 3.5g of marijuana, there would be 0.291666667g per brownie if you baked 12 brownies

  10. I use a gram and that shit if fire, even tried half a gram sometime and it worked. I wonder what 3.5 grams will do to me.

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