1. Legalize marijuana nation wide alchol destroys family’s an lives that the true gate way drug not marijuana

  2. I would rather Talk about how my 16 teen year old ass can go grab a bottle of booze form any where and you have all this struggl with weed like I can steel something that can kill me or I can by it off someone and Bunch of adults can’t make up their mind over a fucking plant shut the fuck make it legal If I can buy a bottle of booze I should be able to buy a fucking part of a plant

  3. Arizona's doing this!! It's only a matter of time!! Every year there's more and more voter's coming of age who are tired of fear mongering elders that want to tell them they have no choice on what they can or can't do with there body's!! 💯 And for all the people who hate Cannabis so much but take no issues with bars and liquor stores every where and cigarettes for sale signs outside of every corner store! I would "encourage you to do your research so we don't make the same mistakes as other states" 🤔🤨🧐

  4. This pool is fake news by people wanting to legalize pot. Arizona will not approve to legalize.

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