Police Search Cancer Patient for THC and CBD Capsules?

The Doctors and “Face The Truth” co-host Judge Mary Chrzanowski, also known as “Judge Scary Mary,” weigh in on an incident where police search a cancer …


  1. People with cancer go through so much and the cbd and thc help with alot of the symptoms like pain, nausea, and help them eat to keep their strength up as much as possible. This guy had stage 4. So what if he had pot, he should have every right to it. he had a bags full of his last days…meaning he is already prepared and waiting for whats next and has come to understanding. All he wanted was to be with family. If i was his family id sue them for wasting my time(last days) with my family over a search of nothing. And the cops are just bullying him because of pot. When has pot ever hurt anyone? Its not a drug its and herb, most of our ancestors smoked it. Especially if you have Native American blood. Denying them is like denying your family and heritage. Like seriously! Also the cops need find a real case to work on, like say murder, theft, or actual drug cases, like meth. Which Missouri has alot of, just saying. If i was a cop and i got a call from a cancer hospital about supposedly pot smell id just laugh, tell the person they need to take a thc chill pill and hang up the phone.

  2. Are these people screwed in the head? What are they doing bothering someone with STAGE 4 PANCREATIC CANCER, when muslims are gang raping and assaulting Christians and Jewish people! Pot, at best is SMALL TIME! Go after the real crime causers!



  5. This is the type of stuff that makes you dislike police officers. Cops like this giving police officers this image. No common courtesy, no decency, all in the name of the law? And both of these guys probably smoke marijuana on the regular at home. This is the abuse of power that causes the distrust of police officers in communities.

  6. They don’t always need a warrant! If they have probable cause they can search and he is on public property, it’s not a violation of privacy the same thing would happen if drugs had been found at his work

  7. So sad this guy has cancer leave him alone. Have some compassion at least in the words you choose when talking to this guy who is dying basically. You wouldn’t want your mom or dad to talked to that way. What a shame.

  8. Really????? Its a scandal. In Holland we all use cbd oil pills and THC …its legal. And reduces pain. I am cronicly ill. Its not drugs , its plantbased, and Good for HIM he filmed it. And iT went viral. That two cops need to go back , say SORRY . Oké , mayby they did their job, but they were stone cold, no empathy, like hè was a criminal?. REALLY REALLY?… Go catch real Thieves and rapist. Do good, no Harm

  9. I young lady I watch here on YouTube who is a quadriplegic and had just been diagnosed with cancer had her room searched when she showed marijuana gummies on her channel and took all her regular candy away just to make sure it wasn’t marijuana candy. She was furious as I would have been.

  10. Poor man!! Oh my goodness!! What on earth! That is very sensitive space and time for the man. Smh some officers just take it way too far! They dnt smell it or hv any acusation or probable cause, the man not a threat to anyone and yet the officers really went too darn far. Smh what has this world come to!!!!

  11. Its astonishing how marijuana is still illegal at all! It would be safer if alcohol was the illegal substance and marijuana wasn’t! Although i don’t believe alcohol should be illegal, marijuana being illegal because its deemed dangerous to the public is just hypocritical.

  12. If the police was called for someone having weed and they smell it they don’t need a warrant🤔

  13. I'd expect that in the UK but America? Shame on the police doing that to him… Disgusting… 😠🤬

  14. I think those cops should be taken out back of that hospital and stabbed with Aids/HIV infected needles so they have to fight for their ignorant lives for as long as they live

  15. Oh my good , hopefully he is doing well , my prayers goes out to him , he is cancer patien eve if he had it it had to be absolutely ok , 😡😡😡😡😡😡

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