1. Proud of yourselfs you fucks?? how unhuman is this shit?? grow the fuck up telling people they can't put a safe drug in there body that helps them… This is absolutle BULLSHIT God bless you sir and I hope your ok this was so tragically heart breaking for me to watch.

  2. I was evicted from my apartment in Colorado Springs last week. I am a registered caregiver and my patient lives with me and I also am licensed to work. She would be on 400+ pills a month including a daily 75mg of Fentanyl, now she only uses cannabis. I had a plant count of 40 but never grew over 12 plants. Our apartment manager was constantly doing "maibtanence checks" to spy on us and search SKU numbers on Amazon packages and harass us about grow equipment. Even when I am fully licensed, you can't escape prosecution from pigs of any level if authority. It's just a plant, this is an extreme case and it makes me sick Since when has horticulture become a crime

  3. Look you dumb fuck, you cant be smoking inside a Hospital room period. " why " there an Oxygen line behind every patient bed. It can cause an exploration. Thats why… ITS A FACT…

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