Pa. Lt. Gov. John Fetterman kicks off marijuana legalization listening tour

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman kicks off his statewide listening tour to gauge Pennsylvanians’ interest in legalizing marijuana, with a first stop in Dauphin …


  1. The onlt thing fetterman sees is money for the state and all the marajana carpet baggers that will help this creep to get elected governor. Im not fooled.

  2. This is very interesting. Thumbs down for being incomplete and nothing more than a couple snippets

  3. To elaborate on a few points- The only reason pot has such a bad stigma for being a gateway drug is simply because it is illegal! If you want to buy pot, you are forced to do so illegally; in turn it is usually the (dealers) who get you hooked on hard stuff not the pot itself. Legalize, tax, and end this rediculous phase in history.

  4. Just legalize it, come on. People losing their freedom and jobs over a plant that is beneficial in many ways, while others are making a living off of it. I see something very wrong with this

  5. To the woman who can give first hand experience to the problems of recreational marijuana…. your sister could give first hand experience talks…. you are a hear sayer

  6. Another FAIL for PennLive!

    Just watched the video. PennLive should be ASHAMED. They edited out the negative comments and only allowed full speeches by proponets! So much for practicing ethical journalism….

  7. Thank you for sharing some of the first stop of Wheatley's listening tour! Curious to know if anyone will be actively polling legalization support/opposition at each of these stops, as well as documenting the most prevalent arguments made against legalization during the listening tour.

  8. Marijuana is not a gateway drug Period!

    It's an alternative to the horrible RX drugs that Big Pharma puts into the marketplace!

    If done rapidly AND correctly in legislation it has the ability to help other citizens of Pennsylvania!

    Many serious and really just hellishy bad health conditions…can be moderately to fully solved with Marijuana!

    Let's get it going!

  9. I think it’s about time we caught up to other states let’s face it we’re behind the times it’s proven to have many benefits! And we also have to face the fact that adults even if illegal are still gonna do it I think as human we have the right to make our own choices🤷🏽‍♂️ I say legalizing marijuana is the smartest thing we could do!

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