Over 3000 Australians prescribed medicinal cannabis since last year

More than three-thousand Australians have been prescribed medicinal cannabis since the federal government set up a system for doctors to access drugs for …


  1. I wish we could sue the government for miscarriage of justice and that being the inability to be able to exercise the right to manage ones pain through natural unmanufactured sources instead of these shitty opioids that do more damage to society than any cannabis extract ever will . Live in a free society…….yeah right.

  2. Most doctors know nothing about the access of medical cannabis for their patients . My doctor won't even try to get educated on the subject . I've heard it's far too expensive as well . We definitely need to legalise cannabis for adult use , possession and cultivation on a small scale .Then the TGA can keep dealing their version of cannabinoid isolates for the rich people !

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