1. That's exactly what I've used too. I spray BT every 3 days. Barely see any mold in my garden. Happy harvest man. One of your buds looks similar to mine

  2. Looks good, but I personally would not want to smoke herb that has been sprayed with spinosad, BT, or neem oil. Even though they are called "organic", science doesn't know what the effects of burning and inhaling these things are. Some bad stuff is being discovered recently about neem in particular. Spinosad is the main ingredient in my dogs monthly flea pill (Comfortis).
    Even if sprayed only in veg, cannabis is very efficient at absorbing stuff, and residuals will remain in the plant.
    Next year try enclosing your grow in tulle netting. It's real cheap and will eliminate the need for spraying anything on your beautiful buds. I am going to post a video of my grow, which was enclosed in netting, and not one caterpillar, and not one drop of crappy sprays.
    Peace, out.

  3. awesome jagman. i love it!!! You didn't need to keep them going til mid Oct? where are you. They look amazing none the less. congrats bud. I'm jealous

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