1. Get a bunny rabbit they make brown gold all day long I have a cage by my avacado tree and it taller then my neighbors 2 story house

  2. plants would do just fine with the Maxi I do great with that shit every year stick with the Maxi bro it’s some fire and it’s cheap

  3. yo i got Blue Gelato 41 in my garden they say going up to 2 meters but my girls going 2.80 and till not flower 😀

  4. There's always the CRITICS and HATERS!! BUT ONCE ITS REALIZED AND THE MATURITY KICKS IN THAT THEY ALL REALIZE WERE ALL DOING TGE SAME DAMN THING FOR THE SAME DAMN REASON.. child support be jackin pay checks, court restitution be stealing your shit, I.R.S tryin to take the last ic every damn thing you got!! Or he'll maybe your like me and gave your baby mama the money instead of the courts and then when your kids were old enough you cut off mama and spoiled your kids hell if anyone wants to know what debt is $156,000.00 to nor cal child support $56,000.00 to Bay Area court. And lmfao still owe $17,000.00 on a civil lawsuit!! Dude shouldn't of been a DIAPER SNIPER AND TRYIN TO FUCK WITH MY DAUGHTER AND HER FRIEND!!! So hard times maybe since jobs are scarce in small town nor cal. But what I've done! And moved !! Well it's paid fir both my daughters college education 1 from Texas a and m And the other went to Michigan !!!!

  5. if it works for you mate keep going fcuk what other people think love the vids keep up the great work
    big love from the uk

  6. My indoor went hermie in week 5 of flower. Salvaging her for some hash. Outdoors, our flower cycle begins mid August too. Mine are doing great, feminized Blue Dream, Strawberry Lemonade, White Widow, Green Crack, Platinum Skunk, Kritical Kush, and pink kush all big and thick trunks. Some organic, some using notes with all getting comfrey/nettle compost tea. Been a lot of work, but loving my first year growing cannabis.

  7. Yoo everytime i hear you speak i feel like i know you😂 like if we've met before, do u stay in the san gabriel valley?

  8. Your doing an amazing job those stalks are big…The whole set up is good for the space you have.

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