1. The bad thing about miracle grow is ,It’s a slow Release plant food up to six months , so really it doesn’t flush that good ,unLess you’re growing a cannabis plant for six months I wouldn’t use it

  2. Who cares if he uses miracle grow wtf haters non stop hating bro your plants look amazing im here in ma growing outaide and my girls are in notil and i yield 3 to 5 lbs each plant rhose girls look amazing im subscribed in now

  3. if you flush correctly before harvest you can use miracle grow all the way through and your bud wont have a bad taste.

  4. nah mirco grow is good im used it too im happy with that and good soild that good to go 🔥🔥🔥👍👍🔥👍👍

  5. Theres no hate, lots of people just dont want people killing their lungs and bodys with chems. There is scientific proof that chems do harm you. Quality over quantity brotha. Earth juice is $20 a gallon super cheap. Once you go organic you will see and taste the difference. Good luck

  6. Your plants are looking beautiful! I wish I can gro outdoors. Too damn hot in this Vegas sun! Grower's Luv buddy!

  7. Any nutrients will grow a plant as long as it has the correct NPK ratio.. Will all nutrients taste the same when you harvest and smoke the plant? No they will not period.. No matter how much you flush. Organic will always produce flowers with more flavor just like Organic fruits and veggies do.. Cannabis is no different. I would try to use something else for flowering nutrients if you want some quality smoke. That being said miracle grow is ok to use for veg and the ladies seem to love it. Keep kickin butt man

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