1. What's Up ROG!what size pots are you using on those big ladies? they are looking Excellent Man🌱🌞

  2. Hi, I work for a lender company and we fund start – ups and cannabis businesses, if you guys are serious in starting a business in the cannabis world, I can help out! Only in USA. Thank you & Have a nice day!

  3. next year I'm starting mine as early as possible outside which will probably be March, see if I can even come close to the size that yours have. Loving your plants growmie.

  4. Bro your voice is unique with all you zzzz and sss sounds you sound like a little fat gaylord! Im a big fan of your painting videos I watch everyone of them.. I recognize your voice right away

  5. Getting super Thick and looking Amazing! Bushy Bushes! Lol Your going to have a Bunch of Budz coming in your near future! Coolio! Keep up the updates! Thanks again! Peace

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