1. Your brave for making a grow video, I wonder how old they were then? and I am sure they are doing better now. say high to the puppy for me, And quit raggin on the hubby. you gal's are turning that into a national pastime.

  2. You shoked them by letting them get root bound transplant th right this instance they have alotta potential

  3. I’m always so confused on why people keep these in solo cups my shit will be three inches tall and I’m transplanting like doesn’t that stunt the growth and slow it down?

  4. Thank you for making this video it had a lot of great info! and ya it’s scary trimming up a plant with this year being my first year I am focusing on topping and low stress training I have a young male plant that I will keep picking off the pollen balls and I am going to try this that way if I fuck up it’s on a male plant and it will give me confidence to do this on others

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