1. Wow those look really good espesiacly the ak nice…they look good for being in a solo cup…nice job you know what you need to know..👍⚡

  2. Put a platform in the big fucking tree and grow up top. Wine will only get you headaches. If ya cant keep plants away from pets dont grow.

  3. Pleease put your plants in the ground or atleast 5gal buckets . I feel bad for them just watching 🙁

  4. cool looking good, just found you and look forward to seeing what they do in the ground, looks like a nice spot

  5. Nice plants! I would like to see how you plant them in the ground also more on training would be great my plants are close to that stage and I like the way you had yours trained last year

  6. Good for you not giving into the artificial light to start early. Your cannabis will thank you later!!

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