Opiods, Addiction, Cannabis – The Science and Health Policy

Harry Nelson, author, United States of Opioids, and a health policy legal expert and Michele Ross, PhD, Neuroscientist and CEO of Infused Health.


  1. Arizona legislators submitted opioid addiction as a qualifying condition for mmj along with autism, the MPP-stuffed pockets rejected it.

    Why would the MPP mafia turn down business from opioid users, along with autistics? Because these are 2 classes of user that can straight up tell you legal weed is not effective for either ailment,its lousy dirty trash. Still illegal to grow in Az also!

    Keep your heads in Cali though, Cannabis "educators" .. ignorant of the outside world as if it doesn't affect your sheltered California future..

  2. You guys NEED to worry about cannabis taxation, federal legalization and retail. Here we are talking about fentanyl on a weed show.

  3. I told Doctor in Whitter California recently where my cousin just got his 2 toes cut off both pinky toes why can't my cousin have Cannabis pen he reacted like that was the worst Drug in the world my dad did heroin when I was a kid he O.Ded plenty of times that was so hard to see I have smoked all my life sense I was 12 yrs old I am 39 now I have never had overdose I even own my own Company that's why I spoke up to Doctor before I would stay quite, but people, and Doctors need to know I wanted to tell him that, so bad.
    My cousin is Diabetic the Doctor told me that Morfin was better than weed it got me so mad , because my cousin does not take all Medicines Doctors give him, because he says they are trying to kill him he already lost 2 of his toes 1 of them they gave him 2 shoes with medical that did not fit his other foot correct that is what caused him to lose his other toe I was there to give him Cannabis in Pen that is the only thing that was helping him, because they were already giving him everything for pain what made him well and happy was the Cannabis Pen, because you can not smoke yet in hospital , and use it as Medicine Thanks to whom ever was the first person to invite the Cannabis Pen that has Blessed so many people I showed Doctor Pen, and gave it to my cousin in front of him Doctor called security and they had too escort me out of the Hospital I told cousin this would change the world if I got caught I was going to bring a THC plant AS FLOWERS FOR HIM TO PUT A SMILE ON HIS FACE HE TOLD ME YOU BETTER NOT , SO I DID NOT. LOL.. ๐Ÿ™‚ .

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