On Faith & Belief

Eckhart discusses the difference between faith and belief. When authentic faith is established, it is possible to see the underlying truth in religious texts.


  1. I totally agree don’t take it literally take the good teachings of all different types and use the stories in a non literal sense Jesus I think existed but he wasn’t the son of god I think he was just a person who wanted to help other humans I think he was a person I don’t attach to a religion or religions I believe just live from a heart of kindness though I’m not perfect I’m prone to human form like thoughts and behaviours my pain body was active with sadness depression anxiety from post traumatic stress disorder I was for many years surviving in pain body without direction I m now really moving forward and understanding I’m loving this here it’s a tremendous help amongst the post traumatic stress disorder therapy I’m participating in this goes right along the same lines it’s about being present and separating thoughts emotions and pain body Learning to identify I’m not my thoughts emotions or pain body I’m not trauma I’m not all the things trauma taught me or made me once think this really helps it goes right along with the therapy I look at the teaching of how living in the past and pain body is the damaging effect to healing this here is a beautiful way to re learn it helps provide the consistency and lessons required every day to learn the healthy ways to be no longer gripped and stuck in the painful past it’s the inner strength and guidance and it’s helping heal all the wounds it’s quieting my once terrified pain body

  2. the ones who believe jesus do not question his teachings, he questions the father this cross examiner

  3. Please tell Eckhart that "Brian" was not a parody of Jesus. It showed how gullible and desperate people are to find a leader. Kind of what Tolle often refers to with ego driven religions. You can hear the "the sermon on the mount" in the movie. But then how people twist the words and meanings.

  4. There is a book .."What Jesus really said". Mitchell? No miracles. What Tolle says of real meanings.

  5. Faith and belief both are bullshit. You tried to copy Osho, but you couldn't. You know nothing about consciousness even. What you are talking about consciousness and all is still your belief.

  6. Faith is the excuse people give for believing something when they have.no EVIDENCE….if they had EVIDENCE they wouldn't need FAITH……

  7. So I can say that I believe and have faith in the Lord JESÚS CHRIST, I think Elkhart is a very wise, loving human being and most of what he says is true and it makes so much sense but Jesus is God.

  8. According to Hebrews 11 v 1 "Faith is the evident demonstration of realities that are not seen" Some may say that
    they believe in Evolution because they say it is based on science, whereas belief in God is based on faith. Many hold
    this view. However, it is good to keep, in mind, no matter what someone believes, some type of faith is involved.
    How so? None of us have seen God, or observed something being created (John 1 v 18) And no human, whether
    he is a scientist or not – has observed one kind of life evolve into another kind. For example, no one has watched a
    reptile evolve into a mammal (Job 38 v 1 and 4) Hence, all of us must examine the evidence and use our thinking
    ability to reach a sound conclusion. Regarding creation, the apostle Paul wrote under divine inspiration "God's
    invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world's creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made,
    even his (God's) eternal power and Godship, so that they are inexcusable" (Romans 1 v 20)

  9. I think he should watch the movie. He would giggle his ass off through the hole whole thing.

  10. My religious beliefs fell from me like water in my hand when I was seventeen. I couldn't stop it. I thought I was going to hell for a while! Lol

  11. It was Not a parody of Jesus. A parody of our egos. Just what Ekhart talks about. Tell him to see the movie.

  12. "Brian" was not about Jesus. Please tell Ekhart to see it. I know he has a sense of humor. The Church also censored the movie without seeing it.

  13. In the last few years I've left the religion as a practice from which I extract support for myself in hard moments in life and I've embraced the spiritual approach, which is quite different from the religious.

    I no longer use the crutch called religion, but I search for the inner strength that was given to me by the one that created me.

    This approach to life is direct. It puts me in the driver's seat of my life and I no longer use excuses for the misfortune I experience. It is exciting and also extremely hard, because I no longer can hide behind the comfort of the religious life as I used to. Now I have to take responsibility for my thoughts, emotions and actions in real time and I can't use the excuse that God is going to do something for me, which I'm not willing to do/work on to achieve myself.

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