Nuleaf Naturals Review: A CBD company you must try in 2019

This is a Nuleaf Naturals Review, and I Would like to address some things which you should know before buying this brand. I bought Nuleaf Naturals for my …


  1. i have this Nuleaf product and its sold as a low does but seems to work better then ones from Amazon that claim to be"most powerful" i will get a bigger bottle of this from Newleaf. Thanks. Oh ive had outrageous PTSD nightmares for 50 years and had to recover after waking up But now i sleep and even have a currant normal dream some time. Ps. they seem to be pertinent, anyhow.

  2. Is this good for anxiety? That’s the main reason why I want to try it this will be my first time every trying any CBD oil, does it tell you how much to start with? Thanks

  3. Very interesting! YES – do not follow free CBD on Line .. They will ask for credit card to pay $5. postage to ship tiny bottle – Then soak your card for $ dolar each month..So u cancel but they got $85. of your money ..probable for crap. So my health store small bottle CBD cost be $38. ..used 3 times under tongue and it hurt my gut for gut pain Do not use maybe there CBD is least it had that marijuana smell to it? So next i will buy a cheap vaborizor ? try in haling it or buy medical grass and smoking it..must try getting in me thru lungs..IF it real is a pain killer for me guts..ha ha or waste of $$$$$$$$

  4. My mum takes cheap cbd oil and says that Nuleaf doesn't work for her. She only has to use 5 drops whereas with Nuleaf she had to use 10+ drops so therefore it cannot be as strong as the cheaper brand. Why is that?

  5. You all tripping.. i took an entire dose then another dose after the 1st one and these didnt do anything for me.. what does it supposed to do?

  6. For pain and sleep, do you take the CBD everyday? Or when you are having pain that day or sleep problems THAT day?? Thank you!!

  7. When I smoke weed I hear thumping in my ear, like light thumping, as soon as I tried nuleaf (for the first time) the thumping began again. Does anyone else experience this?

  8. Hi Kate, I'm new to CBD oils and have a question. I would like to take it for body pain and to help me sleep at night. I'm confused as to how I can take it in the morning and at night. The reason being if I take it at night to help sleep, won't it make me "sleepy" during the day if I take it in the morning to deal with my pain? How can it help me sleep at night but at the same time not make me sleepy when I take it in the morning? Confused. Thx

  9. Yes, it works. I have tried different brands of CBD , but this is the best. It changed my life.

  10. I called and asked them if I could bust a drug test from there cbd. They said they have people call them saying the busted a drug test. Now I’m like damn that sucks

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