North Carolina lagging behind as marijuana legalization sweeps nation

Marijuana legalization can affect multiple things from a state’s tax income to incarceration rates. Will North Carolina legalize it? And if so, when?


  1. the guy's off his rocker , never heard about anyone getting in accidents involving marijuana but alcohol it's obvious , you can't od off marijuana

  2. The government will soon seek to satisfy it's insatiable lust for more revenue. 2020 the year prohibition ended

  3. 3:16 marijuana related fatalities!!!!??? Bitch , WHERE?
    NO ONE. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE HAS EVER DIED FROM MARIJUANA USE.. NEVER!!!!!!! Now can someone die and have marijuana in their system. Of course, it sits there for awhile but IT HAS NEVER KILLED ANYONE. NEVER.

  4. Welcome to North Carolina Home of OxyContin heroin produced right here in Wilson NC brought to you by Purdue pharmaceuticals
    No wonder we are last in the country when it comes to cannabis legalization.

  5. Look at all the fookin big pharmaceutical co. All their poisons are plastered all over t. V. , and each is followed by a 5 min disclaimer stating the bad side effects, and they are all made by man. God Almighty created this plant to heal us, just because it’s side effects make you feel good. How fooked up we have let our country get. Smh

  6. Marijuana related fatalities?
    Notice, they didn’t elaborate on that one. Because it’s BS!

  7. If it isn’t legalized we’ll continue to smoke heroin and pcp in our weed because 100% if it’s illegal in your state then ur smokin laced shit atleast once

  8. The laws are already mildly lax with the subject anyway so why not just legalize it tax it and make money and worry about other shit that is harmful

  9. NC wont legalize, they will bring in Medical Marijuana first and then you would have to have 1 foot in the grave to even get it. But I am sure you could still get your Oxy and Morphine. The only way we will get it is if they legalize on the federal level. People say well just move to another state. I am 58 yrs. old, my children and grandchildren also live in NC. We shouldn't have to leave our families just to be able to smoke a joint legally. I don't drink alcohol nor do I want to drink alcohol, but I will take a toke.

  10. Wyoming better legalize soon It's getting ridiculous they still want to lock people up Decriminalize it already

  11. Weed should be legal I would have never ended up on heroin and now in treatment and they want to put me on more drugs for angziaty why pills for angziaty why not weed its natural its not addictive its never killed anyone and why so the state can arrest innocent people for a plant and charge them high penalties and court cost.

  12. Fuck the ABC stores in NC. I hate them with a passion. They are government price controlled rip off artists. They have no competition. They just set prices. They don't open on sundays. They don't have SALES. They are about as crooked as a store can get.

  13. ABC doesn't need to have their fingers in Marijuana. The ABC Board is a Monopoly and is Unconstitutional.

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