NJ Moves Closer To Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

A new bill creates a five-member regulatory panel that would oversee the legal sale of marijuana to adults.


  1. NY screws up again, they will now lose all of those sales by people who want to use out of curiosity and nostalgia. Everyone will go to NJ. . I really think NJ waited to see if NY had a chance before they put this into full motion. Once again, NY politicians shows how dumb and incompetent they are. That once hoped great sum of money from taxes that NY think they will be receiving the first year will be halved because of this. The wonder of legalized weed will be gone, because we will have all gone over to NJ. I guess we will hit it up before we go to the "real" casinos, not the fake ones in NY.

  2. This is what greed looks like.
    It simply makes things illegal, then legalizes them later on, and making sure to tack on profitability to the max.
    Face it, you're govt is ran like a mafia, so call em the mafia.

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