NJ Marijuana Legalization: Gov. Murphy Fighting For Votes To Pass Approval

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy is fighting for votes to legalize recreational use of marijuana in the Garden State. CBS2’s Jenna DeAngelis reports.


  1. Good for you, I'm a Republican from Washington state and I always point to Genesis 1:29, who spoke those words?

  2. They just want to release all the black and brown people from prison for drug offenses this is the new Norm I don't care what color you are you get busted on drugs you go to jail fuck you they try to make it racial all the time that black and brown people are being put in jail more than white people or guess what the ones that are smoking that crap the most is black and brown and a few stupid white people put them all in jail for breaking the law

  3. The bad guys will sell the marijuana the same way they always have been doing and you will not receive the tax

  4. Good for you New Jersey good to see parts of New Jersey has a real backbone in the name of taxes they want the drug out kids not only that the projection of the taxes would have never been collected because the same people that are selling it illegally will now be under the cloak of selling it legally none of your stores will get the discount at local drug dealer will be selling the marijuana for it would be dirt cheap from him they will buy from him they don't care about the quality they care about getting high good for you New Jersey

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