NJ Marijuana Legalization: Cory Booker Seeks To End 'Prohibition' At Federal Level

Senator and presidential candidate Cory Booker took to Twitter today outlining his proposal to legalize marijuana at the federal level. CBSN New York’s Dana …


  1. Thanks Cory Booker we knew that the War on Drugs is a war on people back in the 60s. Bought out senators from the pharmaceutical company has kept marijuana illegal and out of the hands of the sick who needed it.

  2. Drugs are a state issue. No where in the U.S. Constitution is the federal government given the authority to ban drugs. I hate to say this but on this one issue Booker was right

  3. Watch for democrats to promise anything they can if they think it will get them a vote; marijuana , reparations, free school, open borders all illegals come on in ….. For years the democrats pandered to the black people with all kinds of promises, now that many blacks see the truth and are leaving the democratic party it's time for the democrats to find a new voter base, the illegals ….. The democratic party and the media are the greatest danger this country faces. They have done nothing to help this country in 2 years, if you are a democratic better wake up.

  4. This is the evil encompassing our nation and the entire world, as to institute convoluted measures of delirium.

  5. Probably because he smokes weed himself.. Especially when he's on the hunt for male prostitutes..

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