NJ Gov. Murphy, leaders finalize legal marijuana legislation

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and top lawmakers announced Tuesday they have come to a deal on legislation around the legalization of recreational …


  1. They really fucking up new jersey like really more addiction to drugs are you people that stupid!!!!!!

  2. Of course this pastor clown from shithole Newark is against it. A place where overdoses, shootings, carjackings, and robberies occur everyday. But marijuana is ruining his community? How about creating jobs in that completely dead city and bringing some life into it. Driving through Newark is
    horrifying it's a lifeless, charmless, shithole of a city

  3. 100% of drug addicts drank milk before they were drug addicts. That doesn't mean milk is a gateway. I hate the argument that weed is a gateway because it makes no sense using marijuana does not have any correlation with becoming addicted to hard drugs. Correlation does not mean causation. One of the big reasons why marijuana users try hard drugs is because their dealer sells hard drugs. If people start buying weed legally not from dealers they won't have as easy access to those hard drug unless they actively want to seek it out.

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