News Conference: Rep. Sargent to Reintroduce Marijuana Legalization Legislation

On April 18, 2019, State Representative Melissa Sargent (D-Madison), along with community advocates, held a news conference to reintroduce legislation to …


  1. 4 anyone who is truly interested in not only this "News Conference" but in the benefits of medical marijuana u really need 2 watch a movie called "WEED THE PEOPLE" – 2018- It's on Netflix & you tube. That show was totally amazing & extremely beneficial !!!

  2. my dad had brain cancer over the years he died from it! overwhelmingly cancer runs in my whole entire family! most of your professional wrestlers out there and WWE and independent wrestling also suffer from some type of cancer! I do support and I do ask when the legislature to make that happen for medical and recreational marijuana to be legalized! cuz it could also help others with other diseases as well! if my dad could have had them today before before he had passed! I guarantee you he would have been cancer-free! find Dad served in the military for many years as well! he was one of those vetren's! you do not know how much I miss my dad! his name was Kenneth Michael Watterson born June 20th 1954! so on the behalf of my father I asked the Congress pass this bill

  3. I truly hope that the do legalize marijuana because of medical benefits i have been able to get control of my seizures and my anxiety from the usage of marijuana. I don't think Wisconsin realizes the benefits. If you can take a plant that comes naturally from the ground and have it help you with your medical conditions instead of a pill that is made from chemicals IM ALL 4 IT not 2 mention i spent time in jail costing tax payers, all because i smoked a plant now that's ridiculous considering that money could have went to much better things.
    # love weed

  4. I applaud Rep. Sargent for her initiative as well as for putting together a very well-organized and logical presentation in support thereof. Cannabis and its extracts are not dangerous, as opposed to legally-prescribed opioids or illegal similarly reactive drugs. Medical or recreational, the people have spoken and the legislature either needs to listen or withdraw from office.

  5. Amen,Praise be to the most high. Let me open the Church of Bud. Smoking weed pot has been helping people in artistic talent like Music for a long time. Louie Armstrong the great Trumpetor Jazz [player said weed makes the Music better. Our right Brain Hemisphere is aided through the use of Pot Weed. It makes Movie night more entertaining & could make a Church Sermon better felt & imbued into a Spirit filled walk & life. Pot used in a proper past time self medicated service is not much different than Coffee aids a person feel perked up, a bit driven, more awake, & for ADD & ADHD Coffee helps to ground & calm anxiety. Stress in all of it's manifestation can be augmented with conscious practical use & practice consumption with Marijuana. I demand that Alternative Health a MENU of Theraputic care that never appears on a Big Pharma DRUG Menu,,,, be supported & given a Documented Door for Services rendered too our fellow needy people. To cut to the short I demand to have access to Alternative Health CARE a choice not given by any Insurance Plan now. Massage therapy is not paid by insurance & that IS true Mental Health Care & Care in general. Drugs have ruled our lives long enough I damand you gullible idiot public support my effort to create a NEW Alternative Health Care Clinic movement NOW!!!!! We were here long,long before Big Pharma Rockefeller A.M.A. destroyed any proven Health Therapy's that threatened the Financial Profit, making MONEY for Rockefeller Empire & selling Drugs on the stock market. POT IS NOW being a Stock SOLD so now that MONEY insintive has been reached it is then deemed Politically correct because it supports Corporate Rich appetite "GREED" is good, RIGHT!! I need Friends & Money to put on a Charity to Cure Dis-ease with & through NON-Pharmacutical DRUGS & Operations. Treating Cancer not with a Carcinogenic Cancer causer called Chemo Radiation & then give a Man made immune system called Interferon & yet many New Mothers are producing Lactoferon from a Women's lactation, a BEST choice for Immune System. Essiace Tea a Natural product for treating Cancer IS NOT on any Medical M.D.s MENU because it is not a Patent held man made DRUG to make Money on the Stock Market. Wake up Society, please let me bitch slap you in hopes you'll pull head from ass & smell the deceit your neck up in! Mooooooohhhhh baaaaaahhhhh say nothing, do nothing, you are nothing. But Scum you are. booh hoo shallow pigs.

  6. That's all i want is some dull headed pot smoker running a 20 ton crane over my head… Leave it alone the system works… Politicians want the tax money revenue and that's all….

  7. I hit the thumbs up button 20 times and YouTube took it away 20 times. So this is my thumbs up. F you YouTube.

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