New York Senator Diane Savino On Cannabis Legalization | Op-Ed | NowThis

‘We shouldn’t be afraid to advocate for adult-use cannabis.’ — Public support is growing for cannabis legalization, and this state senator thinks it’s time for the …


  1. It only took 9 states to ratify the constitution that we go by in this country. At this present comment there are 11 states that have decriminalized and allow recreational use for persons over 21. There is also the oddity of the Nation’s capital that allows it. (District of Columbia.) Congress is located in that district. I think this is highly hypocritical to say the least. Is what I believe should happen is, someone that has more knowledge of the system than me should file a law suit against the federal government to change the marijuana laws. I would be more than happy to contribute to a legal fund to help pay for the suit. Why can’t we as a nation come together enough to make things change? By writing your congressional representatives and demanding a change? If everyone that agreed with the legalization would do this then the change would happen much quicker.

  2. Cannabis use does not lead to hard drug use . I don't do any herion , coke or meth . I can get hard drugs easily but they more pose health risks so I stay away .

  3. Welcome to NY!! A place where you can smoke weed and kill your 9 month unborn baby. This state is a joke.

  4. Gov. Diane is correct. Yes i live i Seattle but a non smoker. But the CBD gel i can't live without for my rheumatoid arthritis. New Yorkers are always last. Recreational have better prices and selections. If the feds had a brain profit off it not cuff people. U go Diane

  5. A Human study on CBD (WONT GET YOU HIGH )and its effects on SAD , Anti-acne, chronic pain relief ,was published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. Participants were given either an oral dose of 400 milligrams of CBD or a placebo.

  6. Legalize ! Just about anyone can grow. This is not rocket science this is growing a vegetable garden basically very simple stuff.Should not be taxed anymore then tomatoes at the grocery store!

  7. As a 17 year old NY State medical marijuana patient I would like to see the price go down. It’s crazy expensive and insurance refuses to cover it. My family can barely afford it and I feel guilty for having them pay that much for my health. The vapes that they give me at my dispensary are cheap and break all the time… I would love to see it recreationally become legal. The lawmakers need to work faster at this. The stigma that’s around my medication is stupid. I can NOT take it to school. So when I’m at school, I’m in pain. I can not vape anywhere but my or my friends house. It’s not even legal to do it in the car (with the engine off)or anywhere out in public. It’s not fair.. the laws are slowly changing but not enough. When people see a teen with a vape… they think of nicotine and how illegal it is or should be. But they don’t think about how it could be their medication. They don’t think that it could just be cbd either… which is legal in all 50 states.

  8. Love that Michigan approved recreational marijuana use, but I’ll keep my medical marijuana license to avoid extra taxes

  9. The purpose behind legalization should be strictly for health and safety. Prevent the smoking and push for vaping. Whilst the current law neglects cannabis as “psychotropic”, it represents the highest level of arrogance ever shown towards what created good policy to begin with. That is facts, statistics and science. If you cannot elaborate what psychotropic entails for any amount or the manner in which consumed, and how that affects the mind, then your only intent is to make our country look bad.
    Legalizing the cultivation of hemp though is a step in the right direction. Not only for revenue but the curiosity that begins with the cannabis plant sparks citizens’ interest to learn what they didnt know, thus condoning past prejudices.

  10. So this begs the question…what happens to those who were sent to prison for possessing cannabis?…reduced sentence or automatic release?…

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