1. Check KaliGrownBuds on YouTube and learn how to grow. Not to be a dick because we all had to start sometime and I know it's all new in Oklahoma. But you need to learn how to top plants to create more branches there for providing more kola sites. Learn to Lolipop to clean all the vegetation from around the stem and clean all the useless vegetation including small branches out from the inside of the so air can flow through there and help prevent powdery mildew and mold. Also so sunlight can penetrate in and also so the plants energy is concentrating on the outside large kola's and not all the worthless BS inside. That should all be taken care of During the plants veg cycle. Enjoy what you got this year and happy growing next season ✌

  2. how are some of the plants already in flower and they are short for outdoor. I have some outdoors and they are still in veg and about 5 feet tall.

  3. Keep the videos coming bro good to learn things about growing outdoors in Oklahoma we have some bipolar weather!! Good to know it’ll still thrive

  4. Need smellavision. Looking nice and chunky. I wish the best for you. With the storms Oklahoma has been having, I’m glad the girls still look good.

  5. plants look great! sounds good to me 2 harvests in one season/my whitewidow has big buds/ but are starting to overmuture/starting to spread/going to cut down and leave a little to revage? keep the videos coming!

  6. Couple of wild nights right? Glad we didn't get hit by any tornadoes. Your girls look healthy! The sunshine will be welcome.

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