Miracle Oil: Watch woman 'shaking uncontrollably' before taking cannabis oil

Incredible video shows woman ‘shaking uncontrollably’ before taking cannabis oil. Jill Radford has lived with uncontrollable shaking for the past decade – her …


  1. This is the reason I got involved selling CBD products. I have seen countless people who tried our products as a last resort and had the same results. Is it not time to rethink regulations and make these hemp based products legal worldwide.

  2. Can anyone help me? I need information about rytary. Is it available in Australia? Is it common to treat Parkinson using cannabis in Australia? Any recommendations for Parkinson doctor? Please help me. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for having the courage to post this and good luck to you and your husband your both bloody legends !!!!

  4. One important question here: can You take it even if You are already using Parkinson's disease common drugs – like sinemet and dopamine? Asking this because my dad has Parkinson and I want help him. Thank You in advance! Beppe from Italy

  5. I have ankylosing spondylitis and ive been prescribed anti inflammatory medication which to be honest, doesnt work. Some days im walking like an old man and im 40. What is the difference with Hemp CBD and Marijuana CBD? It serms Hemp CBD is legal so im a tad confused, any help would be good.

  6. It’s great and all and I fully support its legalisation but was there any sides effects? It appears to pretty much nearly eliminate her Parkinson’s but does it effect her mentality once she has taken the medical marijuana?

  7. Someone I know personally (for obvious reasons I have to be vague) has been taking 640mg's per day of Oxy's as a breakthrough plus Methadone as long acting and managed to get onto a supply of CBD and THC (which you need to combine as this chick in the vid has obviously and CBD doesn't work as well on its own). Methadone is a fairly recent addition (less than 2 years) via palliative to alleviate some of the Oxy use. I can't describe why this person used this stuff for obvious reasons but is chronic illness. After getting on the CBD and THC this person hasn't used ANY Oxy's but has stayed on the Methadone for safety. They are using four drops of CBD and two millilitres of THC once in the morning and once at night. It really is a miracle.

  8. Stop referring to cannabis as a miracle cure or any of the sort. The medical compounds have been identified like any other plant! Cannabis carries risks. Two years treatment I developed a stutter and the abuse potential is there with THC products. It's not a magic plant, it's another plant that can be used recreationally or medically. Yes full spectrum CAN help but that's special cases and in most cases cbd is responsible for most medical applications where you may be resistant to other treatments. THC has no appreciable medical uses, sure it's an anti imflamatory… So is aspirin and aspirin doesn't make you high. The community has gone to shit, let's make the distinction clear between medical and recreational use of the plant and stop using medical use as an excuse to use it recreationally. No this video isn't an example but the title surely is.

  9. This honestly breaks my heart that this poor lady is now classed as a criminal by our government for possession of a illicit substance or in some states dangerous drug you tell me whats bad about something that can give this lady a quality of life the Australian government is a joke im personally affected by theses laws not directly but family members like my aunty or my grandmother its an absolute joke my grandfather was an anzac and i can guarantee he didn't fight for this to become Australia do you think he would be happy knowing his wife cant get the help she needs because to our government its a crime what a joke the people need to rise up and corrupt politicians need to be thrown in jail because our government and country is becoming a joke

  10. Breaks my damn heart to see my fellow Aussies suffering while a medicinalplant remains ILLEGAL! I am glad you found such relief from cannabis – Parkinson's is a bastard of a disease.

  11. bless your heart Jill, you keep on taking that for your health and well being many blessing to you and to who ever made it for ya.from South Australia.

  12. This is amazing I have never seen what cannabis can really do we need cannabis legalised now

  13. CCA is fighting for freedom and fairness which begins with legalising cannabis here in Australia. 🍃⛑🌏

    Adults should legally be allowed to cultivate their own cannabis for medicinal or recreational use. ✅✅✅

    For more info please visit: http://www.cannabisclubaustralia.com.au

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