Mini Cannabis Grow Box with Touch Display

This is version 2 of my Cannabis Mini Grow Box. I named it “Tomato Tent”. I am still developing TomatoTent. Subscribe to my Newsletter to get updates about it.


  1. So innovative and compact! Definitely would love to save for one of these in the future if you decide to build them. Such a convenient setup.

    If you were to setup a kickstarter i would definitely back this. Great for those who wanna grow bud as well as fruits/vegetables!! Great idea

  2. fucking revolutionary, keep doing whatchu do. I would definitely purchase one if it goes on the market

  3. This guy should blow up on reddit or something. Trying to make an affordable and user friendly grow box is needed!!!!!

  4. Little Advice:

    put the filter and FAN on Top of the box and suck the air over the LED's. More Space for higher Plants.

  5. Men you really got technology but no ofense you should focus on the simple thing thats is growing cannabis grettings from Mexico awsome how you built all that tech

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