Mike Tyson Wants To Build A Marijuana Empire | TODAY

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is hoping to build a marijuana empire with hemp-infused drinks, muscle pain ointments and packaged weed sold …


  1. First of all TODAY he has long since redeemed himself in this United Snakes… Devils love to try and keep a good man down!!! Your president is a dirtbag and felon… Tyson is a hero to many

  2. I am Mike Tyson Fan. But Man😳your are Not in Shape you are Moslem and I think there are questions? 😳I adore you behause of your Lifestory. A very String Charakter.

  3. Old Time
    Im and my Daddy always look Mike Tyson fight on the tv and If i look Mike Tyson im always remember my Daddy..
    His have same face

    But my Daddy has die on year 2016
    And Mike Tyson make me always feel good

    where i look him when i remember my dady

  4. I tried weed a few times but a few days later I feel irritable and depressed, is this normal is weed something you have to keep smoking

  5. Tell tyson if he really wants to promo his business… To lose some of thst jelly belly lmao hes much more calm but he goin have to put his face on his products… I would like to use the muscle cbd rub for workouts. He was on jimmy las vegas tonight

  6. he could return he still has it.. but he rather smoke this stinking rubbish n be a slow motion zombie i dnt get it?? and yes he can return ive seen recent vids of him working out n training hes powerful n fast its crazy..what a waste!!!

  7. Good for him,they always digging up the Negative when it's a great legend of Color. I Love him,I see no Negativity. I see one great Legend, Hero,and Man💪👑🌎✔❤❤❤❤

  8. I like this. Glad they made weed legal in California. My country decriminaluse gays. Weed is next

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