1. Rush didn't "attack" Fox for his disease. Rush called out Fox for USING and EXAGGERATING his disease…in effect…and actually LYING. Fox admits he took no medication before the event ON PURPOSE that his symptoms be more severe ….. WITHOUT telling the public in the event (It was some kind of commercial or beg a thon thing.)

  2. The man driving away in the car at the end…shit made me cry. Powerful message for all. Med/pharma machine included.

  3. I wish the audio was in sync with the video….with a person that has to shake this much, it is very noticeably distracting. IJS Some of us read the lips of people who are talking.

  4. I have Arachnoiditis of the Thoracic Spinal cord and RSO is a god send! Works better than anything modern medicine has to offer.

  5. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

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