1. When you say difficult time 3 months to 1 year. define difficulty? I smoked for 15 years last 8 months I smoked my ass off hard. 2 to 4 grams a day. I quit and now my head fills light headed everytime I try to work outside. I get nausea after a hour working outside. I get winded fast. I work on cars in the sun and I can't even do my job. I fill like I'm going to die every time i do a little work outside in the heat. I run to the a/c and lay down. I've stopped for 4 months. Then started again for 3 weeks and stopped again. I've stopped for a month now. But I fill tingling in my feet like zaps of energy trying to come out but can't. I fill like crap I just lay in the house all day. Is this withdraw? Or something else. I been to the hospital 7 times and every time I go I fill like I can't breathe. I woke up trembling one morning at 6am and went. I cant lay flat going to bed because my arms tingle and chest tightens then I guess anxiety or panic sets in not sure if that's what it is or not. Need Answers what do you think?

  2. Great video! I'm a month in myself after starting smoking the green back in high school on and off and then it become more on the older I got and the more life kept hitting me with stressors. I also use to go out and drink on the weekends for fun but I don't drink anymore now and if I do maybe an occasional 1 here or there with some food. So far a month clean from smoking feels great and I'm determined to keep on the right path. I have been dealing with anxiety and depression the last 4 years of my life and I'm starting to think a big part of it was due to smoking so I'd rather get my mental health back so I can progress in life at my full potential. You got a like from me and I appreciate you telling your story to others who are on the same path!

  3. Hey man, your dedication to helping others get over their addiction is admirable.
    Thank you for this video.

  4. People forget the problems that it cost before after 5-6 months and then acts like it's a slippery slope one cannot Dabble with it

  5. this is so helpful. I've been smoking for 10 years and have stopped here and there, but ended up relapsing every time. this helped me understand the withdrawals more and you hit it head on brother. I'm now a litle over month in and I keep trying to give myself reasons to smoke, but I've come this far and I'm not giving in. videos like these keep me on this path and remind me of why I shouldn't go back and that when it's tough to just keep pushing because it does get better. never did I think it would take this long but when I think of how long I depended on weed and how long it takes to detox it makes sense. thank you!

  6. I smoked for two days but i smoked alot but today is my 3rd week im not feeling like my self

  7. I'm about 4 months in to the withdrawal. And I don't want to backslide I know it's possible. If I did I'd be in trouble again

  8. The concept of relapsing is just B.S. If there was a substance that I feel it's gonna work for me I'll use it. I would smoke shit if i felt like it… You would do the world a better service discussing the best time, form and amount to consume cannabis.

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