Meet the Marijuana Industry’s Newest Customers: Dogs

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical found in the marijuana plant, and many people believe it has medicinal benefits. CBD has recently become readily available in states with medical marijuana…


  1. That girl looks like h3h3’s girlfriend 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. That woman should try eating some of her own dog treats, she looks fucking miserable 🙁

  3. Like humans, pets are great generators of income if you can keep them sick by feeding them grains and sugars (aka glucose). Whats wrong with carnivores eating corn? A quick death would inhibit wealth redistribution – here, have some THC.

  4. CBD is a great and healthy anti-inflammatory. I occasionally vape it for joint pain and headaches. I highly recommend it as an alternative to traditional drug approaches. It should be easier to get than it is. I should also note that I do do well with THC it has always made me ill and dizzy – CBD has none of these affects for me and in not psychoactive.

  5. Dogs have always loved weed. This is yet another example of science and the mainstream catching up to what cannabis users have known for centuries. Pot is good for what ails ya.

  6. me?, or is this gal spooky as hell? I would try it if it helped my dogs that have passed that had hip dysplasia, but I would only let them watch this gal after they consumed…… just to give them a chuckle? (sorry, I'm being mean….. just a joke.)

  7. CBD is legal in all 50 states… and weed is no longer a schedule 1 narcotic as of 2016. The 2016 omnibus bill included an earmark that legalized medical marijuana on a federal level.

  8. What is wrong with this woman? I can't find the word to describe it…….beavis and butthead face? Is this the attitude a libertarian society will have?

  9. From a natural source & not toxic like all big pharma garbage – I say go for it!  I have to say though, watching her eyes and facial muscles has me wondering where all the THC has gone…  LOL

  10. For crying out loud. You know, maybe , just MAYBE, if Reason had spent the last 8 years advocating more often for sound economic principles and free markets instead of this constant stream of nonsense we might not have an avowed socialist and a strong man populist doing so well right now in the primaries.

  11. "Oh doc, it's not for me! Heavens no! The reason I called you is, well, it's about old Rover, I really think that she's got a touch of the glaucoma, don'cha know…"

  12. I'm a legal medical marijuana user because of spine cancer. Last week my dog injured his leg very bad. The next morning after we got up he had quiet a limp. I decided to try medicate him with the CBD medicine I have before I tried the narcotics he was prescribed. I puffed from a vap pen then blew it into his ear. After doing this twice in 10 minutes his limp was gone and I could tell he was feeling better. He did just fine without the narcotics and only needed pain relief for 3 days. He's on the mend now.

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