Medical Marijuana: Rep. Faison and MDC's Pershing debate legalization

TN Rep. Jeremy Faison (R-Cosby) ‘unequivocally’ supports medical marijuana. Karen Pershing, the executive director of the Metro Drug Coalition, ‘absolutely’ …


  1. The woman on the right sure could use some cannabis it would stop those tremors she's having.
    Probably comes from all the pills she's on.

  2. She actually stated that cannabis shouldn’t be legalized for medical purposes, and then stated that it should be if and when more studies support the notion that it can help certain ailments.

  3. Keep it up Mr. Faison! Keep fighting against all of the lies and propaganda! We WILL win one fine day!

  4. This woman should be on oil for her symptoms, but like many she'll go to her grave believing lies, SMH.

  5. I keep posting this and it's so true.
    There are only two kinds of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis the ones that are ignorant on the subject and the ones that make money off of it being illegal.

  6. The woman is shaking like she has Parkinson's,probably from all the pills she takes, and she's against the very thing that could help her. Now that is stupid.

  7. This lady is dense, she is only repeating the same old anti-marijuana rhetoric that has been disproven in studies all over the world. She is only concerned with her weak pre-fabricated counter-arguments while ignoring input from the other side..not even considering or "thinking" about it. She hears a few key words and then responds with irrelevant, vague, or utterly false statements. Also, if she has Parkinsons disease, she is a fool for opposing a natural, safe, and effective medicine that could help herself.

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