Medical marijuana patients will soon be able to get CBD oil in Virginia

Hampton roads residents who use CBD oil for medical purposes like controlling seizures will soon be able to get their medication in-state. The Virginia Board of …

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  1. I use UltraCell CBD oil for pain management and depression/anxiety. Very good consistent quality finally found a product that is consistent quality. I had to become a "wholesaler" just so I can afford it. It's$203 including tax and shipping for 2 bottles on auto ship and I go thru 5 bottles a month…sonetimes a bottle less! I'm a Vet and sure wish I could get the V.A. to provide this so I'm not broke every month and am afraid of running out. I was on massive doses of opiods. V.A. stopped prescribing late 2017 and began providing Suboxene as an alternative…regardless if you abused the opiods or not which I think is ludicrous. I don't think long term use of Suboxene for pain relief is helping. CBD oil…a good one…works and should be provided by V. A. vs the poison they're providing now. Until then you can get more info about UltraCell CBD oil at and order if you're interested. Hope this helps…

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