Medical Marijuana Patient Fights To Restore Gun Rights

A medical marijuana user is sounding the alarm after he was denied a concealed carry permit, Reg Chapman reports (2:11). WCCO 4 News At 6 – May 16, …


  1. If this is the case… Why do we allow people who drink alcohol to carry? Why are people on opiates, prescribed or not, allowed to carry? These are real dangers.

  2. I'm all for 2nd Amendment rights but this is a no brainier that shouldn't be fought. Its crystal clear you can't carry while under a controlled substance. Nobody is forcing you to drink alcohol or take medical marijuana….that's a personal choice.

  3. If you have a prescription for OxyContin, do they take away your right to own a gun or hunt? No… And when it comes to recreational use of cannabis… Do they take your gun away when you pick up a six pack of beer? Do you think any hunters in Minnesota ever sat in a deer stand with a gun in there lap and drank some beer at the same time. That might have happened a couple times. Marijuana prohibition is ridiculous and extremely hypocritical.

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