1. I feel like culture is behind and Vice Asia even 2 years behind that. I feel overwhelmed by how much social work must be done.

  2. I wouldn’t let some hyper little shit in my grow room that’s squeezing the hell out of my colas. Little butch is breaking all the trichomes.

  3. Kid looks very happy, hope she will be okay. Also thnx to you for video which can see all world about healthy cbd

  4. I like that the kids are happy but this will cause problems down the road. Especially if they become fully dependent on these drugs and stop one day. Phsycological problems may form as well. I agree with the statements made during phone conversation with the animation.

  5. crazy to think so many people are in prison for having this and now its just all good to give it to ur kids….this country is fucked up beyond belief

  6. awe disgusting, they're making RSO.. that process is about as old and ancient as the people making it in the video lmao.

  7. oh fuck no, the day we let minors smoke weed is when we start going extinct, weed does not shrink tumors, nor does it help with autism, if anything it causes it during pregnancy

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