Medical Marijuana and Parkinson's Part 1 of 3

This clip is from the feature documentary “Ride with Larry.” With his Parkinson’s symptoms worsening and options for new medications unavailable, retired police …


  1. did he just say weed is worse than meth. i’ve been smoking weed for two years and i’m still not dead now if i was smoking meth i wouldn’t even be typing this😃

  2. Know what? I'm no regular dummy, and I get the medical marijuana thing, but late in this vid it's obvious that mama likes a touch of hubbies goods.

    Thanks mama, ya fuk-nut.

    My bad – go to the third part of this series to better understand my ed.

  3. Can someone please tell me what product he specifically took? I need this information for someone with PD. Thank you!

  4. Its sad that a inexpensive drug, that is practically benign in negative side effects, that can be grown in your own home, is the one people try last because of a huge negative stigma.

  5. Bio-active phytocannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant species are formed from glandular resin that gets secreted into the trichomes. Thrichomes are not created in the plant but rather outside of the plant. They serve to refract light and keep insects and predators away from the plant, also as anti oxidant agents to protect the plant from UV environment ETC….
    All of those evolutionary derived biological protecting molecules, (Phytocannabinoids and Terpenes) created from Mica , metallic oxides, sterols, phenols, and esters, ETC get transferred to Man when he/she ingests The Cannabis.
    Man contains an endocannabinoid system to metabolize via catabolism all of the phytocannabinoids, hence the bi0logical activity that leads to stabilized intracellular metabolism or homeostasis of the Organism… Identification or Bio-mimicry of Terpenophilic molecular structures is the bio-activity . Cannabinoids whether endogenously structured from arachidonic acid pre cursors substrate or from cannabimimetic activity of phytocannabinoids directly consumed in diet from cannabis plants will effect the Endocannabinoid system Cascade or metabolic chain reaction potential ..

  6. The stupidity of the difference in America's federal vs. state laws is astounding. Even more proof that it's NOT the greatest country in the world.

  7. I’m not assuming anything, but just wondering! Observation: How come at the 59-second the man was very calm and stable?

  8. It's time the learn indigenous ways of medicine, or we may never know as euopran settlers of long ago, to now,,  wiped out the nature's way of healing, and have it and replaced with petroleum meds, synthetics.. This is part of "Manifest Destiny" as we more depend on things and big corps, uses small, intuitive in body mind connected w/ earth..

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  10. Anyone what kind of liquid drops he was given or info on what Is recommend for Parkinson’s and dosage. Thank you

  11. To all American citizens
    Welcome to Morocco and you wiil smoke weed all day long with no Medical prescription needed

  12. I found out yesterday that my grandmother has been diagnosed with Parkinson's.. Any info on exactly what he is using would be appreciated!!

  13. yes that is correct there is a borderstop a few mils from here north may be legal in this state but the feds are a different story.

  14. Hey there – would it be okay if we took your clips and made subtitles on them and posted them with a link to your channel, we would love to show this to our folks over here in sweden.

  15. This is beautiful because it's being documented right on the internet, a place free of censorship. Naysayer's be like "this is fake"

  16. what is he using for this? my grandpa has PD and we have been trying everything. before I get all the stupid comments. is he using an indica/sativa. using a tinticure?

  17. Is legal but still Illegal!!!!???????????WTF !!!!! Illegal in the eyes of federal something something!!So strange cause legal should just be legal, not illegal!!!!!!!

  18. Good stuff, but I got one question for Larry. As an ex-cop, how do feel now about the government you once served knowing now they are lying bullshitters! How you feel toward shithead cops busting our children over their bullshit lies and agendas? Do you now realize that most of the things you have never even questioned are just more bullshit like their stance on cannabis! Wake up earthlings. Stand up for what you believe. Question everything and believe very little.

  19. Attorney General nominee "good people don't smoke marijuana" Jefferson Beauregard Sessions should have a meet and greet with folks like Larry and get some real perspective on the issue. If you say "blue lives matter" and claim to respect and support our first responders then this alone should encourage you to support medicinal and recreational cannabis and other therapeutic herbs.

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