1. Reschedule cannabis federally! Stop beurocracy & bs. Years waiting for medicine we can grow at home & afford! Something that other states addressed when they opened the medical cannabis law. MD didn't. Politics & profits! Availability to all incomes should be the main concern. But they're all about controlling ads & profits. NOT the patient's needs! STOP THE BS & GREED. Its life saving. Stop limiting access.

  2. Holy shit "Many many many many many examples" the guy asks for a an actual number and now all of a sudden she cant remember because it was "many many many many many months ago" damn knowing this women has a large say so for the Medical space in Maryland is scary. Keep these kinda videos coming.

  3. This was cool to see how A different state starts up and get going on the great cannabis ride. The story’s from the panel and the audience where some on the more moving I’ve Hurd in awhile that’s cool 😎✌️💚🌱

  4. 'Recreational' is just a word made up by bureaucrats. Everyone choosing to partake in cannabis is doing so for a reason! Who are we to decide if their reason is "medicinal" enough?

  5. Had a friend who lived in cecilville training dogs, I was SHOCKED at how good his varietals flowers were. I hope for the best for Maryland!

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